Metropolitan Hilarion takes part in considering a draft passport for Theology as academic specialty in Supreme Attestation Commission under the Ministry of Education and Science

July 7, 2015 – Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, in his capacity as rector of the Ss Cyril and Methodius Institute of Post-Graduate Studies (CMI) and chairman of the Interdepartmental Coordination Group for teaching theology in universities, took part in the enlarged meeting of the experts’ group for developing the passport for Theology as academic specialty.

The meeting took place at the Ministry of Education and Science and was chaired by Prof. V. Filippov, head of the Ministry’s Supreme Attestation Commission.
The Russian Orthodox Church was represented by Archpriest Constantine Polskov, pro-rector for academic work, St. Tikhon’s Orthodox University of the Humanities, Archpriest Vladimir Smaliy, CMI pro-rector for academic work, Hieromonk Ioann (Kopeikin), CMI pro-rector for teaching, and A. Shishkov, Coordination Center for the Development of Theological Sciences in the Russian Orthodox Church.

In attendance from the Supreme Attestation Commission (SAC) were the Ministry of Education and Science’s officials responsible for attestation of academic personnel and experts engaged in the elaboration of the academic passport for teaching Theology, Moscow State University professors in charge of chairs of philosophy and religious studies, as well as SAC experts in education, psychology, philology, history and philosophy.

The meeting considered comments and amendments to the draft academic passport for Theology which had come from religious confessions and the experts’ community.

In his remarks, Metropolitan Hilarion pointed to the importance of consensus to be reached on the passport both between the religious confessions in Russia and within the academic community. The adoption of the academic passport will enable secular universities to begin setting up dissertation boards on theology as an important step towards securing Theology in the secular education space as an academic discipline belonging to the humanities.

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